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If you're at Bellevue Square Mall and you get a craving for some boba milk tea, check out Happy Lemon. And not only do they have many tea options, they also serve Hong Kong style bubble waffles in chocolate and original. Happy Lemon was started in Shanghai in 2006 and they now have locations in over 100 cities around the world.

I liked the bright, happy colors in the store when I walked in, and it smelled good like bubble waffles. I chose a Chocolate Milk Tea with Salt Foam and a Chocolate Bubble Waffle. Luckily for me, there was only one person in line ahead of me. As I was waiting for my order, there was suddenly a long line. They just opened a couple of months ago, but they're apparently still hot.

They make the bubble waffles fresh and you can watch yours being made. My drink was ready first and I couldn't wait to try it. The secret with milk teas served with these salt or cheese foams is to sip some foam off the top first, then mix up the drink and use a straw to drink the rest. Because the foam is sooo good and flavorful, you'll want to wake up your taste buds a little. I loved the flavor of the salt foam. Its sweet, savory, and creamy. My milk tea tasted like chocolate milk with ice and was really refreshing. The salt foam gave it that extra oomph and blended well together.

Then my bubble waffle was ready and I almost jumped for joy at the sight of it. The size was impressive and it felt warm through the wrapper. The bubble waffle was easy to eat because you can just pull one piece apart at a time. It was crunchy and soft, and the chocolate flavor was just right. They are big orders so luckily my family helped me eat it. It tasted so good with my milk tea and we left the mall happy!

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