Two Spots to Quench Your Thirst in Columbia Falls and Whitefish, MT

Our visit to Montana was a hot one with the temps reaching 100 degrees. I needed to cool down fast, with something cold to drink. Some afternoons I needed cold coffee while other days called for a green juice.

One place for coffee in Columbia Falls is Odd Fellows Coffee House. They've been open a year or so and I was looking forward to checking them out. They're located across the street from the library where I have so many memories as a kid. The inside of Odd Fellows is inviting with lots of things to look at. My husband and I shared a large cold brew, some mini cupcakes, and a dark chocolate with caramel. The coffee just needed a little cream and it was ready for sipping. I liked the fireplace and all of the cozy seating. This place would be so nice in the winter when its snowing like crazy and you just want somewhere warm to hang out and drink a warm coffee. But since it was summer, we finished our little treat, and grabbed our coffee to take with us. Then we drove back to my folks' place with AC and put our feet up. Ahhh, summer vacation.

On another day, my husband and I wanted a pressed juice. We have a juicer at home and try to juice at least five days a week. Our bodies were missing the vitamins and minerals from our juice and we needed to find a juice shop. After searching online, we found Glacier Ginger Brew in downtown Whitefish, which is about seven miles from Columbia Falls where we were staying. They are located inside Stumptown Marketplace, along with a couple of restaurants, a sweet shop, art galleries, and more. We ended up sharing a large juice, a Stumptown Cleanser. The drink had beets, apple, kale, celery, and cucumber. We also added some flax seed, one of my new favorite things. The large juice was seven bucks, so its much cheaper to make your own at home. But it was just what we needed and the juice gave us a burst of energy and cooled us down on the hot day.  


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