A Spring Day in Volunteer Park

Warm and sunny April days in Seattle are rare. But if and when they occur, get yourself to the park. And preferably one you haven't been to in a while, so it feels new and almost like a mini, mini vacation. I chose to visit Volunteer Park, near Capital Hill. When I showed my boys photos of the Volunteer Park Water Tower, it was decided that we had to go see it and climb to the top.

There's also a playground, a beautiful conservatory, fields to run around in, and The Asian Art Museum. However, the museum is closed until next spring for reconstruction. There is a large cemetery where the famous Bruce Lee is buried. This park has it all.

The water tower feels like a hidden treasure in Seattle. Our boys enjoyed climbing the stairs of the tower and then running around in circles when we reached the top. There are windows all around the tower where you can see downtown Seattle and Bellevue, too.

The flowers were in bloom around the conservatory, creating colorful landscapes. Then we played at the playground and headed back to the car. But don't forget to snap a photo of the black tire, framing the Space Needle. Or you might as well not visit Volunteer Park. The song by the band Soundgarden, Black Hole Sun, was inspired by this tire and there's even a plaque with more info. 

It felt nice to get some sun and hang out at a place we hadn't visited in a while. Here's to more Seattle days like this one.


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