Vons 1000 Spirits

If a Gustobistro is what you're looking for, then head over to Vons 1000 Spirits in downtown Seattle.  Just walk up the Harbor Steps and when you reach the top you'll see the Hammer Man in front of the Seattle Art Museum, Starbucks will be to the left, and Vons will be on your right.  Walk on in and you'll see the biggest collection of liquor you've probably ever seen, in fact there are over 1000 bottles displayed over the bar, hence the name Vons 1000 Spirits. 

Got a favorite cocktail you always order?  They'll make it for you.  If you want something a little different and specialty, you can order that.  One drink that stood out to me is the spun sugar cocktail.  Every martini is hand poured at the table and that's fun, but order the spun sugar one and watch it slowly evaporate as the server pours in the liquor.  Its whimsical and you'll feel special.  I was in the mood for something classic, so I ordered a Sidecar. 

For a little substance, my husband and I split a Sourdough Pizza.  Their Sourdough is kind of a big deal, and if you taste it, you'll understand why.  We had the pizza with Apple Butter and Beechers Aged White Cheddar.  Every bite was magic, from the soft sourdough crust, the melted and hot cheese, to the apple butter- my favorite part.  If you've never been fortunate enough to try apple butter, you are missing out.  It's quite the process to make but worth every bite.  My grandma made it for us when I was a kid, and when I took a bite of this pizza, I was transported back to her kitchen on her farm in Montana.  And you know a dish is good when you're brought right back to your childhood in one bite.  

Then when you finish with your meal, you can walk right back down those stairs and start burning off that pizza and drinks.  Its a win-win!
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