Seaside, You're Gorgeous

It's no wonder that Lewis and Clark were so impressed by what they saw when they arrived in Seaside, OR in 1805.  At spotting the ocean for the first time, they cried "Oh, the joy!"  That's how I feel every time I see the ocean, too.  After the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1806, people from other parts of the country heard about the Oregon Coast and just had to see it for themselves.   And today, it is still a popular place to visit because the Oregon Coast's rustic beauty is calming and beautiful.  Seaside is usually visitors first stop along the coast.  The coastline and beach are stunning and the sunsets are unforgettable.  During my family's recent visit, we were lucky to get a hotel room with a balcony and a view.  Something about sipping a glass of Prosecco and watching the sun go down over the Pacific is very calming. 


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