Georgetown Carnival 2016

One thing we love about Seattle summers are all of the festivals.   One fun event is the Georgetown Carnival, held every year in June.  The street, Airport Way, is closed to cars so the people attending the event have a large area to walk around and see everything.  There were tents and booths lining both sides of the street with art tables, carnival games, and food.  There was also a couple of large stages with live music and a beer garden.  I attended with my sons and besides walking around and people watching and looking at some of the art, we shared a couple of treats.  We tried a Peanut Butter Chocolate Popsicle from the Six Strawberries truck and a Pineapple Carrot Cupcake with Browned Butter frosting from the Eat Cake table.  The popsicle was non-dairy and the peanut butter part wasn't too sweet.  Then it was coated in dark chocolate.  You can never go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate.  The cupcake was small and expensive, four bucks.  The browned butter frosting was sweet and salty though and paired well with the pineapple and carrot in the cake.  


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