Folklife Festival 2016

Memorial Day weekend here in Seattle means its time for the Folklife Festival at Seattle Center.  My family and I attended on Saturday afternoon and this year is was super crowded again, but chilly with the rain threatening.  We decided to just walk around for a bit and then all share a couple of desserts.  We shared a mini Cannoli that was tiny and pretty plain tasting but it whet our pallets for some Hawaiian donuts.  Also small, we all shared four Malasadas, Hawaiian donuts with a filling.  We got two raspberry and two Bavarian Cream fillings.  We all got just a couple of bites and the bites we got were incredible.  Warm and fresh donuts, you just can't do wrong.  Plus they were made in front of me so I knew they'd be fresh.  Perfect for a cold, spring day at the festival. 


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