La Casa Gelato in Vancouver, BC

A gelato shop in Vancouver with 218 flavors? Sign me up for Las Casa Gelato!  I must admit, sometimes having too many choices can be a bad thing but I did it and chose two scoops eventually.  They even let you sample as many flavors as you want.  It was an ice cream wonderland and there were at least six people lined up behind the counters, ready to scoop your gelato when you finally selected a flavor.  The store is huge and the long pink counters are on three sides of the room.  When you enter the store, there's a large selection of Italian desserts to choose from and ice cream cakes in another display.  There are really unique gelato flavors like Pig in a Blanket and Marzipan.  I think I even saw a taco flavor.  I ended up getting a scoop of Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and a scoop of Sicilian Cannoli in a cup.  It was a little rich for right before lunch so luckily we were all sharing.  Once again, our boys took over and tried taking spoonful after spoonful.  Hmm...I wonder where they get their sweet tooth from?


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