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Date Night came around again and this time the hubby and I did Karaoke at Rock Box.  We had the time of our lives and had a blast singing for two hours to our favorite songs.  The unique part about Rock Box is they rent out private and soundproof rooms, or boxes as they're called, where you can sing your heart out.  There's a tablet with songs and you just sit on the couch and search through the database and then sing to your hearts content.  There even have waiter service to bring cocktails and snacks to you.  They are partnered with Cure, the restaurant next door which serves charcuterie and cheeses.  So along with Rock Box snacks you can order meat and cheese plates, which we did.  We loved it and hope to return soon to sing, drink and eat some more! 
Rock Box is located on Capital Hill at 1603 Nagle Place.  They're the only karaoke place in Seattle with private rooms. 

This is one of the larger rooms which would be perfect for a bigger group. 

Our little room for two.  We began with some cocktails and started off by belting a little Usher. 

My drink was called a Hello Kitty and tasted like coconut and pineapple.   My husband drank a Citrus Manhattan. 

We snacked on some Yakkari Pop-duck fat popcorn with yakkari and salt.

I also sipped on some house sangria which was super refreshing and fruity and paired well with our snacks.

We also tried the gracamame, fresh avacodo with edamame guac and chips. 

The Fromage Blanc Crostini-goat cheese drizzled with truffle honey and served with almonds and crostini from Cure's menu.

The Smoked Duck Breast-duck breast with fig jam and some sliced baguette, also from Cure's menu.

All of our snacks and drinks- fun times and yummy eats.  Don't forget the awesome music and singing!

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