I can't think of too many things better than sipping a Margarita at lunchtime, eating chips and salsa and chowing down on a Shrimp Enchilada all while being about ten steps from the mall.  Southcenter Mall just keeps adding these restaurants around its entrance and enticing those of us with kids with its free parking, all those family restrooms and kids menu's, how dare they make it so nice and easy for us?  I'm not complaining, I'm dining and loving it and I'm glad they keep making nice places like Moctezuma's for us. 

This Mexican restaurant and Tequilla Bar is conveniently located right by one of the malls many entrances and the family parking spots.  But all that aside and most importantly the food and service was spot on.  The flavors were fresh and pretty standard for Mexican.  The kids menu was decent with pretty big portions for around six bucks.  My boys shared a chicken burrito and almost finished it.  My twins can eat!  For sixteen months old, they seem to have three legs and our server even commented that most five year olds can barely eat it all.  The hubs and I started with a Cadillac Margarita and being a Thursday, they were two dollars off.  I ate the Shrimp Enchilada with rice and beans.  They portion was large so this girl ate some for dinner, too.  He had the shredded beef Chimichanga which he thought was tasty and that the beef was nice and tender.

We enjoyed the ambiance with the dim lighting, chandeliers and fire places.  It almost felt like a nighttime date but with the kids, too.  Yes, sometimes you can have it all.

The chicken burrito with rice and beans for the kids menu.  Good value and tasty, too.

The shredded beef Chimichanga from the lunch menu- only $9.99.

My Shrimp Enchilada with avocado plus rice and beans on the side. Now that's a good lunch.

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