Yuan Spa

Yuan Spa is located in Bellevue, in the 425, and offers hydrotherapy pools.  There aren't many places with soaking pools and saunas in the area and this one is co-ed making it a nice date night.  They have a cool soaking tub and a warm one.  Yuan also has a steam room and a sauna.  They're a full service spa but my husband and I wanted to go relax in the hydrotherapy pools and the sauna.  And relax we did.  We enjoyed soaking in the warm pool, which is kept at 104 degrees and has jets which felt great on our backs and shoulders, to the cold pool.  Then when we felt chilled, we sat in the sauna.  We checked out the steam room but it was way too hot for us.  It was a pretty sweet room though with twilight lights and sleek looking benches.  They have a salt rub which is two hundred years old you can put on your skin and the steam softens it.  There's even a relaxation room with tea, coffee and snacks.  The spa was really nice and the service very professional.  We hung out for an hour and then went out for drinks and appetizers.  It was the perfect date night. 

I didn't want to bring my camera to the spa so here are some photos I was able to snap on my phone.


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