Buffalo Wild Wings

Tonight my family and I checked out Buffalo Wild Wings.  They recently opened one in Tukwila right next to the mall.  It was what you'd expect from a wing place-TV's everywhere, loud music and basic bar food.  But holy screens, I've never seen so many in one place.  I drank a huckleberry lemonade which did not taste like huckleberries and my husband had an Old Fashioned which didn't taste like an Old Fashioned.  But drinks aside, the food was pretty decent.  We started with the Artisan Pretzels with a spicy cheese dipping sauce.  Then I had the Chicken Quesadillas and he ate some wings.  Overall, Buffalo Wild Wings is a chain and you get what you pay for.  It seems like a cool setting for a guys night out to watch the game.  With so many screens, you have tons of choices for which game to watch.  You can even sample different beers and wing sauces if you're feeling up for it. 

For more info, check out buffalowildwings.com.


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