A visit to Laika Lounge in Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square has a new delicious spot to eat, Laika Lounge, which opened recently.  They serve traditional Russian food and craft cocktails.  I was invited by the owner, Tatiana, to come try it out.  We sat together and chatted while we sipped drinks and ate.  I immediately loved the flow of the place-part coffee shop, part café and bar.  The restaurant gave off a European feel right in the heart of Pioneer Square. 

To start off my experience at Laika Lounge, I sipped on one of their handcrafted cocktails, The Lenin.  The drink resembled a Creamsicle and had Vodka, muddled oranges and  house-make Midnight in Moscow Syrup.  A unique aspect about Laika is they make all their own syrups for their cocktails and coffee drinks.

I then ordered the Beetroot Vereniki.  It had sage, parmesan, poppyseed, horseradish and crème fraiche.  I simply loved it and could have eaten a second plate.  The flavors blended well together and the crème fraiche seemed liked the perfect accompany to the dish.  Tatiana had the deviled eggs which looked original and tasty with cornichon, bell pepper and pimenton.

Then it was time to give in to my sweet tooth with some Dry Cured Olive Shortbread.  I ordered mine with lemon curd and was happy I did.  Really, how can you not adore lemon curd?  The dessert also had Chantilly and port cherry reduction.  I liked how the flavors and textures blended together.  The crunchiness of the shortbread with the tartness of the lemon curd, the sweetness of the cherries and the whipped cream on top.  I also got to try some chocolate mousse they had whipped up earlier.  That was also memorable with the richness and smooth chocolate.

Click here for more info and to see their menu.

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