Another Baby Shower!

Today I had another shower thrown for me!  This was our family baby shower and was held at my sister-in law's house.  Unlike the one my friends threw me, the men where there too.  My husband enjoyed hanging out with his family and playing the games.  Who doesn't love guessing baby food flavors and trying to figure out what kind of candy bar is melted all over a diaper!  We loved it and had a great time.  They had quite a spread of food including a whole table of desserts.  I enjoyed catching up with everyone and showing off my bump! 

Aren't these so cute?  My sister-in law made these and it was perfect that there was two since I'm having two babies!

My niece knows that cupcakes are my favorite dessert and she made these for my shower.  They were tasty! 

There was also cheesecake, fruit kabobs, jello and these pies.  I haven't tried one yet but there's a couple in my fridge.  They look yummy! 

At my other baby shower I discovered how creative my friends are.  They really went all out on decorations, favors and more.  At my family shower it was the same thing.  I never knew how creative my sister-in law's and my niece were.  My sister-in law made this corsage for me to wear at the shower.  It was so cute and I love the pacifier. 

She also made this tie for my husband to wear today.  I really like the elephant fabric and the pacifier's. 

                       Even Noodle, our cousin's dog, made an appearance at the baby shower. 

Here was one of the many games we got to play today.  Hmm, turns out baby food doesn't taste so great.  At least there were cupcakes to wash it down! 


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