A Visit to Oddfellows Cafe and Bar

This was my kind of meal.  Good red wine from Italy, a cheese plate with three different cheeses, macaroni and cheese and french fries.  My husband and I hadn't had a night out in a while and our meal at Oddfellows Cafe hit the spot. 

This was our first time at this cute place on Capital Hill.  Funny how we've drove past but not noticed it and stopped in for a bite.  But better late than never, right?

We got there right around 5:00 when the January light was fading.  The hostess sat us right by the front door but since huge windows lined the front of the restaurant, I was happy to have a tiny bit of light for some photos I wanted to take.  I started out with a glass of the house red wine which was light yet pungent and flavorful.  My husband ordered an Old Fashioned, a cocktail with whiskey, which was strong and well mixed. 

A few sips into our refreshing drinks, our cheese plate arrived.  Along with a bleu cheese, a goat cheese, then a cheese from Spain, there were blueberries, walnuts and a small dollop of jam.  A baguette was served along side the cutting board of goodness and all of the flavors of above blended perfectly for the perfect bite to accompany my red wine. 

Next to arrive to our little table for two in the fading light was our french fries with aioli.  My husband and I are fry fiends.  We can never get enough fries.  These came in a cute can with aioli and ketchup in a separate dish. 

Now, the macaroni and cheese.  Wow.  This was the best I've ever eaten.  There were at least four different cheeses- sharp cheddar and Gruyere being two of them and I can't recall the other two.  But it doesn't matter, I loved this mac and cheese.

After eating and drinking all of this and feeling a little full, that was a lot of cheese, it was time to call it a night. 

                                You can see their website at http://www.oddfellowscafe.com.

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