A Snack at The Crumpet Shop inside the Pike Place Market

   Today I dragged my husband kicking and screaming to The Crumpet Shop, at the Pike Place Market in Seattle.  The name didn't sound manly enough for him but he went for me and what happened? He enjoyed it. He ordered a drip coffee, that already makes him happy enough, and a crumpet with cream cheese and egg on top. Crumpets are what we call English Muffins here in the States, but crumpets are what they're called in the U.K. They are typically enjoyed with tea for an afternoon snack. The Crumpet Shop is the only place in Seattle where you can get them.  I ordered the Vermont Maple Crumpet. It was so good and tasted like a maple bar. You can't ever go wrong with a maple bar.

An Egg and Cream Cheese Crumpet and a Vermont Maple.

The shop is adorable and has a Alice in Wonderland theme. On weekends the store gets packed, so I recommend a weekday afternoon. 

Of course you can't forget to walk around the Market for a minute too. The late January weather added a bit of a chill to the air, so we just walked around for a couple minutes.  The Pike Place Market has been around since 1907.  I love looking around at all the gorgeous local produce.

Some doughnuts I spotted that were as big as my face. Did I partake? No I was still full from my crumpet. Maybe next time?

One of the famous bronze pigs that are scattered throughout the Public Market.
A visit to the Pike Place Market is always fun. A wonderful place to people watch and enjoy all sorts of local foods.  The Crumpet Shop is located at 1501 1st Ave in Seattle.  Their phone number is 206-682-1598. The Crumpet Shop The Crumpet Shop on Urbanspoon


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