Scenes from Leavenworth | Spring 2024

 If you saw my last several posts, you know our family did an overnight to Leavenworth, WA for spring break. The weather was clear and warm, and we really lucked out! Leavenworth is such a mecca for photography. The photo opportunities are endless since the German architecture is stunning, and the town is surrounded in nature. The Wenatchee River flows through this area and the Cascade mountains make a beautiful backdrop. So, it's kind of hard to take a bad photo in Leavenworth. 

Along with taking photos of the town and walking around, we also hiked around at Waterfront Park. There you're surrounded by trees and plenty of views of the river and mountains. There's even a playground that our boys still love to play at. 

We checked out the new Leavenworth Adventure Park. This attraction is really close to downtown Leavenworth. They have an alpine coaster called the Tumwater Twister. My son and I rode it and lived to tell about it. We bought our tickets in advance, but since we visited on a Saturday, we waited in line an hour to ride. We were able to ride together and the person in back controls the gas and brakes. 

My son didn't want to go very fast, so he kept telling me to slow down. Suffice to say, it wasn't very exciting since we didn't go very fast. My husband and other son were watching and told me how slow we were going. I wouldn't do this alpine coaster again. They also have a climbing wall, if just height and not speed is your thing. The view from the coaster was nice of the mountains. This park is such a nice addition to Leavenworth! 

Leavenworth Adventure Park

9342 Icicle RD

Leavenworth, WA 

(509) 888-1119 


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