St. Paddy's Eats and Drinks

 St. Patrick's Day is this week, on Sunday. Whether you love to wear green or not on this Irish holiday, there are some fun things to eat and drink! Here are three things I drank and ate this March to celebrate St. Paddy's! 

I'm not a Guinness Fan, but I do like a noteworthy drink flight! At Paseo in Seattle's SODO, we found a St. Paddy's Day one. This flight has four themed cocktails, each one cuter than the next. They weren't labeled, so we had to try each one and guess what was in them. One was a creamy White Russian and was topped with Lucky Charms Marshmallows. The Green drink we believe had Midori Melon Liquor and came with a Green Clover sucker. The next drink in our flight was a Pina Colada and it was garnished with a Rainbow Sour Belt candy. Finally, the last cocktail in the flight was a Margarita and was garnished with a dried orange slice and a tiny clover. This is such a unique and cute cocktail flight for St. Patrick's Day! 

I enjoy baking desserts for holiday! This year for St. Patrick's Day, I made Baileys Brownies. They turned out so rich, decedent, and they even tasted like Baileys, the Irish Whiskey. I found the recipe for the brownies from The Baileys is in the chocolate frosting, and I spread my frosting quite thick on the brownies. I kept mine in the refrigerator and that was a great move.  

The last item I tried for St. Patrick's Day is some Lucky Charms cookies I baked. These bake and break cookies are from Pillsbury. I baked mine like cookie cups in a tart pan and added ice cream and green sprinkles! I was fun to get a little more creative with this kind of store-bought cookies! 


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