Happy Hour at The Alpine Diner


Chicken Quesadillas from the happy hour menu at The Alpine Diner in White Center. 

A ski-themed diner in White Center with a mean happy hour menu? Apres-Ski vibes, here we come! 

The Alpine Diner and Bar is a relatively new spot in West Seattle. The walls are graced in ski decor and vintage photos. The lounge in the back has ski-ball and a fireplace, and don't forget to check out the cute ski lift by the restrooms. 

I had high hopes for this ski-themed diner, but was I impressed by the food? I did like what a great deal the happy hour eats were. You can get a burger and fries for just $4.99, plus even more deals. I ordered the Cheese Curds and the Chicken Quesadilla from the HH menu.

I felt like the Cheese Curds were a super small order. What was there was sure tasty and cheesy, though. Our server accidentally brought me the kid's Cheese Quesadilla instead, so I let her know and they brought me the correct item, letting us keep the other quesadilla. The HH servings were small, but for just five bucks each, it was fine. I didn't really like the Chicken Quesadilla because the chicken tasted cheap and processed and there were green peppers everywhere, which wasn't my fav in a quesadilla. 

My husband had a Manhattan to drink and the burger and fries from the HH menu. He really enjoyed his food and loved getting a good deal. My son also wanted the HH burger, but the server wouldn't substitute anything on the burger when we asked for no veggies on the burger. She said we had to order the $10 burger from the kid's menu if we wanted to make substitutions. So we did just that, and my son ended up enjoying the fries the most. My other son got the pancakes from the kid's menu, and they arrived shaped like a bear. So cute! To drink, I had a Cascade Mule which was huckleberry. It was a pretty drink! 

This spot in White Center looked neat with the vintage winter ski theme, but the food was pretty average. This might be the spot to just grab some fries and a cocktail, while soaking in the cool decor! 

The Alpine Diner 

9635 16th Ave SW 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 397-3803


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