Seeing Wonka at the SIFF Theater in Downtown Seattle

 The SIFF movie theater in Belltown just opened this month. This theater used to be the Cinerama. I saw Finding Nemo there years ago and there are two levels, a main floor and balcony seating. They only play one movie at a time. Their fan favorite Chocolate Popcorn is something I always wanted to try. They also serve beer and hard cider. When I saw the new Wonka movie was playing there, I reserved tickets. They also have an R2D2 from the MOPOP museum in Seattle. 

I got a Yonder Hard Cider and their signature Chocolate Popcorn and settled into my seat. Their seats are comfy with a ton of leg room, and they go back pretty far. This was my first experience having an alcoholic beverage during a movie and it was so much fun. The whole theater smells like chocolate because of the popcorn and the movie was about chocolate, so that was something I could get behind. The Wonka movie was charismatic, whimsical, and heartfelt.  

After the movie, we walked two blocks to the Amazon Spheres to see their holiday setup, a Nitro Enchanted Forest with twinkle lit-up trees. There were also fun benches that swung. Perfect for photos! 


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