A Visit to the Seattle Christmas Market


A hot cup of Glühwein, Mulled Wine, from the Seattle Christmas Market. 

This year was the first annual Seattle Christmas Market held at Seattle Center. This European Christmas Market is modeled after the one in Vancouver, BC which seeks inspiration from the Christmas Markets in Germany. We visited the Christmas Market in Vancouver in 2018, and I felt transported to Europe at Christmastime. You can see that post from Vancouver here

The day we visited the Seattle Christmas Market it was raining, so I didn't feel very transported, but felt like I was in rainy Seattle. It was also hard to go to town taking photos, since shooting photos under an umbrella is hard. And my poor umbrella didn't make it out of there, as it got stuck on part of the carousel. RIP, umbrella. But it was nothing a little Glühwein didn't fix, as warm wine on a chilly winter's day is everything. 

We tried a hot and crispy Tornado Potato, pieces of spiraled potato pieces on a long stick. These are the perfect thing to eat at a market or theme park, and always hit the spot. My son and I also had a Churro with chocolate sauce for dipping. They had a lovely chocolate fountain and for $1.50, they give you a cup of chocolate sauce from the fountain. 

They also have a fun carousel, and you can ride as many times as you wish. It went pretty fast and offered a cool and a little higher up view of the Christmas Market. They had a lot of vendors, and I would have liked to walk around more, but the weather was not giving and our parking was up before I knew it. 

The entrance to the Seattle Christmas Market was $15.99 for adults, and you aren't allowed to leave and come back. They had a lot of security and bag checks to get inside. This was neat to check out in my city, but it probably won't be a yearly tradition. The Seattle Christmas Market runs until tomorrow at Seattle Center. 


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