My boys turned ten!


A Roblox Birthday Cake for my sons' 10th birthday party! Roblox is a video game that my sons and all of their friends love to play. I got the cake at Safeway (I love their sugary cakes), and I bought this Roblox cake topper on Amazon. 

I can't believe it's been a whole decade since I had my twin boys! The time seems to fly as you get older! For their birthday this year, we had a party at Flying Squirrel Pizza in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. We invited their friends and their parents and had a pizza party! We were able to get two long tables. The staff was accommodating, and they were great to work with. We brought our own cake, and they supplied the paper plates and a cake knife. 

For their birthday breakfast, I baked a Pumpkin Coffeecake. It seemed a little mushy and underbaked right of the oven, but after I refrigerated it, the texture was great. You can see the recipe I used here

My husband bought me flowers on the boys' birthday, because he's sweet like that! 

The boys wanted something from, a website with fun and unique novelty candy and more. 

These are actually freeze-dried Chocolate Chip taffies. My son liked them, but I wasn't a huge fan. But two thumbs up when you're ten! 

My other son wanted this Crispy Cone, which is actually a Rice Krispy treat instead of ice cream! 

These are Salted Caramel Apple Pie Pops. Once again, I didn't love them, but my son did. Kind of cool looking, but they were hard. 

The Crispy Cone for my son. And yes, he let me take this shot after he took a bite! 

This item as actually chocolate chip cookies, but in ice cream cone form. These were very hard and hurt my teeth, but my son loved eating these!

I had a cocktail at the birthday party. I love their I'm Your Huckleberry Tonight drink. 

We ordered five pizzas for our group! 

The day after the boys' birthday, we went to an arcade and ate dinner at Lucky Strike in Bellevue. It can be hit or miss with the food, but we ordered this skillet chocolate chip cookie topped with ice cream for another birthday dessert for the boys! 


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