Where to find Shaved Ice in the Seattle area

July is here and the temps are heating up in Seattle! We all need something cold to eat to cool us down. Shaved Ice is a wonderful option. This icy dessert comes in many forms and styles. I've tried Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Korean, and Taiwanese-style. Here are five spots where you can try shaved ice in the Seattle area. There's lots more, but these are the five places I've visited. 

Ice Monster- Bellevue

My family and I recently checked out Ice Monster, located in Bellevue Square Mall. They opened this year, and they serve Taiwanese-style shaved ice, ice cream, and Boba Tea. We tried a small Mango Taste Sensation. It was a huge serving, for being the small size, and it was perfect for sharing with several others. It came with lots of fresh mango on the side, mango sorbet, panna cotta, mango sauce, and mango shaved ice. This style of shaved ice is soft, fluffy, and so flavorful! I recommend trying this spot in Bellevue! 

Roji Monster 

If you like your desserts to be cute, then run don't walk to Roji Monster Ice Cream in Seattle's U-District. There, we tried Korean Shaved Ice. You can also choose two sides along with your shaved ice. We selected some Raspberry Jam and Thai Tea Soft Serve. Roji Monster is a nice spot with lots of seating and fun decor. 

Patrick's Cafe and Bakery 

Don't miss this bakery in White Center for fresh baked goods and in the summertime, the Hawaiian Ice. We recently tried their Pineapple Shaved Ice. It was so refreshing and cooled us down in no time. Plus, its way cheaper than a flight to Hawaii. 

Snowy Village 

Snowy Village is my favorite spot for Bingsoo, which is Korean Shaved Ice. I went to their location in the U-District and tried some Bingsoo with strawberries, Oreos, and vanilla ice cream. This was our first time trying Korean Shaved Ice and we were impressed. The Traditional Bingsoo at Snowy Village is high quality. I definitely recommend this spot. 

Marination Mai Kai- Alki Beach 

This Hawaiian cuisine restaurant in Seattle has multiple locations. But their spot on Alki Beach is way worth a visit. The views from this restaurant of Seattle across the water is memorable and fun for locals and visitors alike. When we visited, we treated ourselves to some authentic strawberry hawaiian shaved ice with vanilla ice cream. Their current menu doesn't show they have shaved ice, but I do see Guava and Coconut Pops. Those sound delicious and refreshing, too!   


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