A visit to Bright Spot for Soft Serve


An Orange Creamsicle soft serve in a cone to match, from Bright Spot in Seattle's Mount Baker neighborhood. 

Summertime is the perfect time to visit new ice cream shops! Bright Spot serves vegan soft serve and we couldn't wait to check it out. I went with my family to try a cone. On their ice cream menu were three flavors-Vanilla, Chocolate, and Orange Creamsicle. I chose a swirl of Vanilla and Orange Creamsicle. They also had three pretty cones to choose from. A pink cone which was Vanilla, an orange one (Orange Creamsicle), and blue (Salted Caramel). You can also get cute sprinkles on top! They also have kid's size ice cream. My sons also tried the Orange Creamsicle flavor and cone. 

At Bright Spot they also serve espresso, sandwiches including breakfast sandwiches, teas, and pastries. Their shop is so pretty and bright. The staff was also really friendly. But how was the soft serve? We loved how soft the texture was! But the flavor was our favorite part. The Orange Creamsicle was sweet and nostalgic tasting. I have memories as a kid in the summer eating Orange Creamsicles for an afternoon treat, and this ice cream and cone flavor brought those memories back. 

Bright Spot is a solid ice cream addition to Seattle. I can add this place to my list of spots I'd recommend for soft serve ice cream! 

Bright Spot

2809 Mount Rainier Dr S

Seattle, WA 

(206) 946-1450


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