A Stay at Driftwood Shores Resort in Florence, OR


Enjoying the sunset over the Pacific Ocean from our room at Driftwood Shores in Florence. 

While on vacation in Florence, OR, our family stayed at Driftwood Shores Resort. They're located about ten minutes outside of Florence and is right on the beach. Every room has an ocean view and a balcony. This made for some gorgeous and memorable sunrises and sunsets! Our room had two queen beds and a full-size kitchen. The kitchen was really nice and well stocked, although they need to add spatulas and kitchen scissors. We were able to cook two meals a day and go out one meal a day during our stay in Florence. 

The floors were a little crooked and that bothered me. The rooms were on the older side, too. We loved the pool area, however. There was a big pool, a kiddie wading pool, a large hot tub, and a spray park for the kids. Outside of the pool room was also a kid's play area, which we also used a lot.

 During out stay they were having trouble with the fire alarm system. We were awakened early on our first morning, to an automated voice telling us to vacate the room because of a fire in the building. We quickly threw on some clothes and left our room, but no one else was outside and no fire trucks were on their way. This happened a couple more times. I called the office, and I was informed there was something wrong with the alarms and someone was coming to fix it. Luckily, it was soon fixed, and we didn't have to jump every time the alarm went off. 

At Driftwood Shores they have a very convenient market and deli. They have donuts and espresso, wine and beer, a convenience store, a menu with burgers and sandwiches, and a deli. There's seating to enjoy a glass of wine, with large windows looking out to the beach. My husband and I enjoyed a chilled glass of Pinot Noir, which was a local Oregon wine they sold in the store. We also ordered an Italian Chicken Sandwich served on a Ciabatta Roll and served with Tots. It was really fresh and the chicken was really good. I recommend this deli. The food was really decent, and it was convenient. One afternoon, my son and I tried the donuts, and I had a Pumpkin Pie Latte. Both were really tasty! 

There's beach access from the hotel, making it really easy to take a stroll on the beach, or take in the sunset. 

The exterior of the hotel. Parking is free, and there's four stories. We stayed on the third floor. There are stairs and elevators. The room are accessible from the outside. 

The full-size kitchen in our room. I liked the long countertops. There was also a breakfast bar with chairs to the left. 

Our bathroom, which I wish I could have got a shot before our stuff was unpacked. 

Our room with two queens. Our stuff is already in the photo, but you get the idea.

The pool at Driftwood Shores.

The wading pool which was 1.5 feet deep.

The kid's spray area. Perfect for the little ones! 

This hot tub was a nice size and had a cool fountain in the center.

The kid's area right outside the pool room. 

The sunrise on our first morning. I took this from our balcony. 

We liked watching the seagulls from our balcony. 

A pretty sunrise on our second night. 

It was fun watching beach goers with their colorful kites! 

The seating area at the hotel's deli and store. 

The convenience store at the hotel.

The view from the market/deli while we had our sandwiches.

Our glasses of Pinot Noir. 

The Italian Chicken Sandwich we were impressed with.

A donut and Pumpkin Pie Latte from the deli/market. 

A panoramic shot from my phone from the beach by our hotel.

One of the nights, my son and I walked to the beach to watch the sunset.

The sunset view back upstairs on our balcony on the final night of our trip. 

A panoramic from my phone on the last night from our balcony. The final sunset was the prettiest one. 

Driftwood Shores and Resort

88416 1st Ave

Florence, OR 

(541) 997-8263


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