Trying Vegan Donuts at Dough Joy


A unique and tasty Everything But The Bagel donut from Donut Joy. 

Dough Joy recently opened a storefront in Capital Hill. They previously had a food truck selling their delicious vegan donuts, but they decided to expand with a brick and mortar business. Their donuts are popular and sell out pretty fast each day, according to their Instagram. Dough Joy's donuts are made using plant based ingredients, meaning no animal products. Their donuts are also made in small batches. 

The donuts are huge and perfect for splitting in half with a friend. That way you can try more than one kind, right? That's exactly what my family did. We bought four kinds of donuts and we tried part of each one. We selected an Everything But The Bagel, an Apple Fritter, two Birthday Cake donuts, and a Boston Cream one. My family and I couldn't tell they were vegan at all. The donuts seemed a little lighter and less greasier than regular donuts. The Boston Cream donut had some sort of coconut cream filling, instead of the custard you'd typically find in a Boston Cream. 

The Everything But The Bagel one was fun to try. It was more of a savory donut and had a cream cheese dollop on top. The sweetest donut was the Birthday Cake because of the pink frosting on top. My husband really liked the Apple Fritter and couldn't tell it was vegan. My son and I liked the Birthday Cake one the best, because we're the ones with a sweet tooth in the family. My other son likes things more savory, so he really liked the Everything But The Bagel one. 

There's a flavor for everyone at Dough Joy! Just get there early for the best selection. They also have some yummy looking coffee drinks. The interior is bright and pink, and makes you feel happy. 

Dough Joy Donuts 

5401 17th Ave NW 

Seattle, WA 


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