A Visit to Freya Bakery and Cafe


A Raspberry Bar from Freya Bakery and Cafe in Pike Place Market.

Pike Place Market is filled to the brim with sweet treats, snacks, incredible coffee, fresh produce, and fresh seafood. I could go on and on. I've been many, many times over the years, and I'm always trying new places and new foods. That's because new spots are always opening, which is lucky for me! Today I spotted Freya Bakery and Cafe and decided to pop in for some dessert. 

They're a Scandinavian bakery and they feature pastries and espresso. Right away, I spotted some Raspberry Bars that looked so pretty and tasty, too! They're shortbread bars with a raspberry filling and a light white frosting on top. They looked like Poptarts, but only because they're the same rectangle shape. The bar was really crumbly, buttery, and sweet. I loved this treat! It tasted like a lemon bar to me, and I could have eaten another, if I wasn't already full from lunch. 

Their interior is small with only a little bit of seating, but they have a bench and a table outside. I got a European vibe from Freya and wished I could book a flight then and there! If you're wandering around Pike Place Market and need a treat or a coffee, check this spot out! 

Freya Bakery and Cafe 

1426 Western Ave 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 402-5530


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