A Visit to Roji Monster Ice Cream


Black Sesame Shaved Ice with Raspberry Jam and Thai Tea Soft Serve. 

For really unique Korean desserts in Seattle, head to Roji Monster Ice Cream. They opened at the end of 2021 in the University District. They have Korean Shaved Ice and other desserts. Roji Monster started in Taiwan and then opened in Singapore in 2021. They now have locations all over the world. 

They have a fun way of ordering. You can choose which flavor of Shaved Ice, along with two sides. There are adorable stamps for each side and flavor, so you grab a card and stamp it with your order. Then just present it to the worker and pay for your items. Each Shaved Ice comes with two googly eyes made from icing sugar to look like a cute monster. When we went, the two flavors of soft serve were Matcha and Thai Tea. We chose Thai Tea and also some Raspberry Jam for our two sides. We also chose Black Sesame for our Shaved Ice. 

Roji Monster's interior is cute, with plenty to look at. They also have lots of seating. The Shaved Ice was really creamy and just plain tasty. We also really liked the soft serve. The jam also paired well with the Shaved Ice. Check them out if you love unique desserts! 

Roji Monster Ice Cream 

5000 University Way NE 

Seattle, WA 


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