A Mid-Winter Trip to Vegas


We spent three nights at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. I'll do a post about our stay at this huge hotel on the strip!  

For our sons' mid-winter break we flew to Las Vegas for three nights. We stayed at the Venetian and loved the property. It was so big, we got lost a couple of times, trying to find our room. We ate at five of the restaurants onsite, (some were bakeries and cafes), during our stay. I'll be posting about those spots soon. 

We flew Alaska Air out of Sea-Tac, and got a nice surprise view of Mt. Rainier and Mt. Saint Helens, which we loved. But first we had lunch at the Stone House Cafe in the airport. They have a really limited menu, though, so we got two small pizzas to share. I had a Strawberry Bellini, and my husband had a Bloody Mary. Just these four items were $67 along with a tip. Ouch. Everything in Vegas was also really pricey. The costs of everything has gone up, especially on the strip, where we were. 

One neat thing about Vegas is you can carry a drink around outside. As long as it's in a plastic container, you're good to go. We did this exactly once. I had heard Wahlburgers has cheap drinks- they're two for $5! So I got a Vodka Cran, and my husband had a Rum and Coke. We enjoyed walking around and looking at the hotels. The weather wasn't warm, it was in the mid-50's. But the sun was shining, and that felt great. 

Drinks at The Stone House Cafe at Sea-Tac before our flight.

Pricey pizzas at The Stone House Cafe. 

A beautiful day for flying. The view of Mt. Rainier was a gorgeous and pretty close one! 
Our first time seeing Mt. Saint Helens. I was so excited! 

A really cheap and refreshing cocktail to sip while walking on the Vegas Strip! 

One thing I like about Las Vegas is the architecture. The hotels and shopping complexes are huge and fun to look at. 

The classic and iconic Bellagio Hotel. Their daily water show is not to be missed. We were able to watch it on our last night. 

The Cosmopolitan, the tower behind the Bellagio sign, is another really nice hotel, filled with great restaurants and beautiful rooms. (At least, by what I've seen on YouTube)! 

On this visit I got to see the Paris hotel's Eiffel Tower lit up in French colors. They even have a nightly light show we got to see a couple of times. 

One late afternoon, we walked north to Circus Circus, so the boys could play in the arcade. Pictured is Fashion Square Mall. 

I also really wanted to see the new Resorts World. The hotel was massive looking. It was fun to see in person and not just on YouTube! 

Katy Perry has a residency at Resorts World. I'm a big fan, so that would be quite a show! 

Circus Circus was looking run down and old, especially compared to the shiny new hotels! But Midway, the arcade, was fun for our sons. North of Circus Circus is the Stratosphere tower, standing tall at 1,149 feet. 

The Encore Hotel which is located next to the Wynn Hotel. 

Gotta love those palm trees and sunsets on the Las Vegas Strip! 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Vegas content! 


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