Trying Sea Salt Soft Serve at Aqua S in Bellevue


A Sea Salt Soft Serve with Caramel Corn and a Toasted Marshmallow. 

When I saw that Bellevue was opening an Aqua S location I was super excited. They first opened in Sydney, Australia in 2015. Their signature flavor is the pretty blue Sea Salt. Their mission was to bring the best soft serve experience to the world. They now have stores in the U.S, Canada, Singapore, and Cambodia, as well as four in Australia.  

Their Bellevue location just opened a little over a week ago. The interior is really cute with an old school analog phone for decoration. There are lots of fun backgrounds to take photos of with your ice cream. I chose the Sea Salt flavor with caramel corn and even a toasted marshmallow on a Pocky Stick. The ice cream here is pricey, especially when you add the multiple toppings like I did. The ice cream melts fast, so I'd recommend taking photos quickly and start eating it soon. 

The first bite was awesome. Loved the flavor of the ice cream. It tasted like sea salt caramel ice cream and the sea salt was pretty light. The caramel corn paired so well with the ice cream, too. It wasn't very big and I did share with my family. My son saw the marshmallow and ate it right away. I did get one bite and it tasted just like it was toasted over a campfire. Yum! 

The customer service was really good and I liked how friendly everyone was. If you love colorful soft serve and fun toppings, you'd love this place. I'm so happy that Seattle has lots of soft serve options now! 

Aqua S Bellevue

308 105th Ave

Bellevue, WA 

(425) 998-9566


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