A Stay at Oxford Suites in Silverdale, WA

 For our overnight to the Poulsbo and Silverdale area we stayed at Oxford Suites in Silverdale. We stayed at the one in Spokane Valley last summer and we really enjoyed it. They have free breakfast, parking, an on-site bistro and bar, and a pool. Plus, their bathrooms are spacious and the rooms are really comfortable. I though we were going to have a view of a parking lot, or part of the town, but we had a nice view of the water. 

We relaxed in our room for a while, then we had dinner in the bistro. We got complementary drinks since we'd stayed at Oxford Suites before. I had a glass of Pinot Noir and my husband had a Miller Light. I had Alfredo Pasta with Chicken and he had the Fish and Chips. Our sons had Chicken Strips and Fries. After dinner, my son and I went to the pool. It was nice and quite and we were the only swimmers there. The pool was cold, so we soaked in the hot tub. We love to go back and forth from the pool to the hot tub. I've heard that's good for your circulation, too. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset from our room. The moon also looked really pretty. 

The next day we went downstairs for breakfast. It was set up like a buffet and we grabbed a tray. We grubbed on French toast, muffins, potatoes, and cereal. My boys ate so much, they weren't hungry for lunch. It started raining, so we decided to just drive home. There were some parks we wanted to explore but we didn't have rain gear and we figured the playground would be wet. 

We made it back to Seattle around 11 am. We really enjoyed our stay at Oxford Suites. It was fun and relaxing!   

Oxford Suites Silverdale

9550 NW Silverdale Way

Silverdale, WA 



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