An Anniversary Lunch at Willmott's Ghost


Roman pizza from Willmott's Ghost, located in the Amazon Spheres. 

My husband and I just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Where does the time go? I guess it flies when you're having fun! For our anniversary we always like to go out for a nice lunch or dinner. This year I chose Willmott's Ghost. This restaurant is in the Amazon Spheres in SLU and is one of Renee Erickson's spots, a celebrated chef and restaurateur in Seattle. 

They serve food from Rome and Italy at large because that's where Renee first fell in love with food. I always love her restaurants when I visit. The menus are well curated, the interior details are gorgeous, and every small detail down to the plates are well designed. Most of all though, the whole reason we dine out, is the food is always exceptional.  

And Willmott's Ghost is no exception. I'm a big pizza fan so I knew I'd enjoy the Roman style pizza. Each pizza is rectangular and thick, with nicely charred edges. The pizzas are served with scissors, creating an authentic Italian experience where the diner cuts their own slices. We ordered one Cheese pizza and one Pepperoni. There was pepperonis for days, and that made my heart happy. They were pepperoni cups, too, my favorite. The sauce was especially notable, so fresh and full of flavor. 

Don't forget to order some Focaccia with olive oil. Just one piece will change your life and ignite your appetite. The cocktails I tried paired well with my meal. I tried A Pink Lady and a Cin Cin Ramona, a Blood Orange Spritz. A Pink Lady had Vodka, pink curacao, and strawberry. My husband had an Old Fashioned, one of his favorite cocktails. 

The interior at Willmott's Ghost is bright and cheery. The space is quite and calm and I love the pops of pink. Being part of the Spheres gives the restaurant a unique look and feel. This was a fun, memorable, and delicious way to celebrate our anniversary.  

Willmott's Ghost 

2100 6th Ave 
Seattle, WA 
(206) 900-9650

Back at home, we celebrated some more with cake! 


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