Trying Macarons from Shef


The Ube Macarons from Shef Dana T. on 

This week I was invited to try They are a food delivery service and everything is cooked by a local chef, or 'shef' as they call them. To use the site, you type in your zip code, choose a shef, then the type of cuisine. Last, you choose a delivery date. Then the food arrives in a bright red canvas cooler bag that you can keep. Then just follow the heating instructions for your dish. 

I'm a dessert person, so when I saw the pretty macarons by Shef Dana T. I knew I wanted to order those. I selected the Honey Lavender and the Ube ones. They arrived on the day of delivery with no problems. The macarons were packaged nicely and I couldn't wait to try them. The macarons were gorgeous and delicate. 

They were made perfectly and I loved the flavors. The Lavender one blew me away. I love the flavor and smell of lavender. So these macarons were unique and fun to try. The Ube ones were so bright and lovely and the flavor was nice and light. Ube is a purple yam and is really popular in desserts right now. I could tell these macarons were made with care and that Shef Dana loves her craft. 

It was fun trying and supporting a local cook in my community. There's a lot of local cooks to choose from all making authentic dishes. You can try a new dish and learn a little about another culture. Or you can order a favorite dish and take the night off from cooking. Either way, Shef is a great concept and I'm glad I tried it out. 

The pretty and delicious Honey Lavender Macarons! 


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