Subliminal State Hazy Pale| A New Beer from Pyramid Brewing

Looking for a new beer to try? Next time you're doing your grocery shopping, you can purchase a new kind of beer from Pyramid Brewing Co. This one is called Subliminal State Hazy Pale. This is their newest seasonal beer and is just right for Spring. It's a medium bodied and bright orange Pale Ale. The Subliminal State Hazy Pale is brewed with 60% wheat in the grain bill which means it has an extra fluffy texture. It has Denali, Citra, and Amarillo hops which are supercharged with fresh spring pine, red grapefruit, and pulpy orange citrus. The bottles have an all-seeing eye on the Pyramid log which watches over those who imbibe. This beer sounds really light and refreshing and has a 5.4% alcohol content. I would drink this in my backyard while having a BBQ. It would pair well with marinated chicken breast or kabobs, some green salad, fresh fruit, and a homemade pie. 

Images courtesy of Pyramid Brewing. 


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