Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce

Yesterday was Easter and we had a delicious brunch at home. I made homemade pancakes with a yummy strawberry sauce. We also had Mimosas and turkey sausage. The strawberry sauce turned out really good and I look forward to making it again. You can use it on waffles, crepes, and cheesecakes, too! The pancake recipe I used this time turned out well, probably because of the melted butter I added to the batter. When in doubt, just add butter! I also bought a can of whipped cream for the top of our pancakes, just for something fun and different. My husband bought us some pretty, pink carnations for the table. Flowers are a neat subject to photograph, since you can play around with the depth of field a lot and get really close.  

The pancake recipe I used this time is from and you can find it here
The Strawberry Sauce recipe I used was found here on 


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