Vancouver Scenes | February 2020

Take me back to Vancouver and the crisp, winter sunshine. 
 We were blessed with sunshine on our trip to Vancouver. Sunny days make a difference when you're traveling. I love bright blue sky in my photos. And who doesn't enjoy getting some Vitamin D in the wintertime? It was still pretty chilly, but I was just happy it wasn't rainy and gray. During out stay, we mostly sought out unique places to feed my foodie spirit. But we did manage to visit Kitsilano Beach, which we'd never done. It reminded me of Seattle's Alki Beach, with a long walkway along the water and views of the city. Vancouver also has some cool bridges, and we drove over a couple of them. And I couldn't help photographing more of the city's neat architecture, which is always changing.  

The Alex Fraser Bridge. This bridge is located over the Fraser River and connects Richmond to New Westminster with North Delta in Greater Vancouver. 

Vancouver has many gorgeous murals on its buildings. 

The Lions Gate Bridge. This suspension bridge connects Vancouver to North Vancouver and West Vancouver. It's named Lions Gate because of The Lions, a pair of mountain peaks north of Vancouver. And there are also a couple of lion statues  by the entrance of the bridge. 

An interesting skyscraper that still needs some work. One of the white bendy part on top appears broken, but still a neat building to took at.  

The Vancouver Art Gallery stands proud and is located in the center of everything. 

Taking in some pretty views at Kitsilano Beach.  

It was fun to get some different views of Vancouver. Kitsilano Beach was worth the visit.   

A sweet ride we spotted on Burrard St. 

The Fairmont Hotel, also known as the castle in the city. 

More photos by the Vancouver Art Gallery in Robson Square. 

Buildings by Robson Square in downtown. 


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