Trying Souffle Pancakes at Fufu Pancake Cafe in Vancouver

An order of the Lemon Crème Brulee Soufflé Pancakes from Fufu Pancake Café.  

If you've seen the hype lately for Soufflé Pancakes and wondered if they're that good, I can tell you, yes! We visited Fufu Pancake Café in Vancouver to try some. They opened about four months ago and really drew the lines. But now, they're not as busy, at least not on the Friday afternoon we visited. The pancakes do take about twenty minutes to make, so keep that in mind. We didn't have to wait to order at all, as there seemed to be a lull that time of day around 1:30.

I went with the Lemon Crème Brulee Soufflé Pancakes, a seasonal special. About twenty minutes later, they placed the pancakes in front of me. I whipped out my camera and started getting some shots. Whoops, they gave me the Matcha ones instead. But seconds later, they delivered the correct order and took away the other one. But I got an extra picture of the Matcha Soufflé Pancakes to share anyway!

I was super excited and took a bunch of photos. The pancakes were really jiggly and fun. But how did they taste? Like a sweet cloud. These Soufflé Pancakes were one of the best things I've ever eaten! The flavor of the house-made crème brulee lemon sauce was divine. The pancakes were so soft and there was a stack of three. Thye were served with some awesome lemon yogurt ice cream and fresh strawberries. The secret to making these pancakes is the gelatin. That's how they get so darn jiggly. The serving size was large, so come hungry!      


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