Lunch at Casey's Skybar in Whitefish, MT

After grabbing a fresh pressed juice at Glacier Ginger Beer in Whitefish, my husband and I were ready for lunch. Our boys were picking huckleberries with my parents, so we were free to eat wherever we wanted. We decided to wander around downtown and see if anything looked appealing. I spotted some bright red umbrellas on a rooftop and decided that spot looked just right for our meal. The restaurant was Casey's and it turned out the umbrellas were located on the Skybar. The hostess said we were welcome to dine up there so we climbed the four flights upstairs. There's also an elevator if you would rather not climb the stairs.

When we reached the Skybar, the scene took my breath away. The views of downtown Whitefish were gorgeous and so were the mountains. The view of Whitefish Mountain Resort was nice and was the perfect backdrop to our meal. We shared a Sangria to start which we both really enjoyed because of how refreshing it tasted. Is there really anything better than dining outside and sipping something cold? To eat, we went light with my husband getting the Hummus and Naan and me getting the Watermelon Caprese. His had a large serving of hummus with cucumbers, olives, pepperoncini's, and Naan for dipping. My dish was very unique and oh so delicious with Burrata cheese, basil, and balsamic reduction.

Before we knew it, we were done and it was time leave the SkyBar. Because time always flies when you're having fun. I'm so happy I discovered this place and next time I'm in the Flathead, I'll be going back!


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