A Visit to Glacier National Park-Summer 2018

A summer vacation to Western Montana isn't complete for me until I visit Glacier National Park. For my husband and my kids, the trip isn't complete until they skip rocks at Lake McDonald. And I have to have a Huckleberry Shake, while we're talking about things we have to do in Glacier. We got to do all that and more this time. My parents joined us one late afternoon and the six of us headed out after the day had started to cool and the crowds started leaving. My dad took us to the other side of Lake McDonald where the rocks are perfect for skipping. All of the rocks on the beach were flat like coins. My parents and my husband were skipping rocks that skipped over twelve times. I'd have to say it was perfect rock skipping conditions. Then we headed to Avalanche Lake where the Trail Of The Cedars walk is. Most of the walk has a boardwalk, making it an easy hike. The Cedar trees are gorgeous and since it was early evening, the sun was getting lower in the sky and casting interesting shadows and lighting for the photographer in me. Then we drove to Apgar where Lake McDonald begins so we could shop for souvenirs and I could find a huckleberry shake. I found one at the Cedar Tree but it was pricey and not very tasty. We all shared one so we could share the calories, and it was difficult to taste much huckleberry. Then we jumped back in the car and headed back to Columbia Falls with another special day at Glacier in the books.



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