A Visit to Honest Biscuits and Indi Chocolate

Last year Pike Place Market opened the Pike Place MarketFront, an expansion to the market with sweeping views of our gorgeous Seattle. When I visited the new MarketFront, and you can see those images here, the eateries weren't yet open. So we went yesterday and checked out Honest Biscuits and Indi Chocolate.

We grabbed a quick lunch at Honest Biscuits. First off, they only have beer- no wines or hard ciders- which I think would be great items to add. Then their biscuits weren't what I was expecting. They were large, square, and pretty dense. I'm used to biscuits being small, round, and flakey. So they were the opposite of what I was expecting.

My sons each had one of their Butterhole Biscuits with butter. Because of the dryness and huge size, they came nowhere close in finishing them. The biscuits were about four by four inches. I tried the Oven Fried Chicken on a Butterhole Biscuit. I found it a little dry, and the chicken cut a little thin from what I'm used to in a chicken sandwich. It had a sauce I wasn't into, and that didn't help matters. They used a Pike Brewing Stout Mustard, red onions, and micro arugula. I loved the idea and wanted to like it, but it was all a little dry for me. My husband really enjoyed his lunch, however. He tried the Biscuits and Gravy, and I think all of that gravy made everything less dry. He had the Northwest Gravy, a lentil gravy that he really liked the flavor of. Then he washed it all down with a cold beer. He also had the Kale Cole Slaw which was very fresh and, well, green.

For a little bit of something sweet, I checked out Indi Chocolate, which is right next to Honest Biscuits. I was offered a sample of melted chocolate on a wooden spoon, and the flavor was exactly what you want in a bite of dark chocolate. They are a family owned chocolate factory and café. I grabbed a Butter Croissant which was really dried out. So I recommend getting some chocolate and caramels instead of the baked goods. I bought three caramels which I shared with my son and we both loved them. We tried the Chai Coconut and the Lavender Caramel. Both we so unique tasting and an incredible treat for walking around the market after lunch.

My sons had never seen the famous Gum Wall, so to the Gum Wall we went! It was pretty impressive and pretty full of gum! There were people everywhere taking selfies in front of the wall. The Gum Wall is worth a visit because of how quirky it is and Seattle does quirky very well.
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