Memories from Christmas 2017

Christmas came and went fast this year, kind of like a hurricane. I thought people were celebrating way too early in November and I refused to do anything Christmassy until at least December 1st. Then before I knew it, it was over. Now we're two days away from New Years and 2018 is right at our doorstep. I hope your Christmas was one for the books. I hope you made so many memories you can't even believe it. Now everyone is making plans for the new year. Resolutions, travel plans, you name it. But let's stay in this moment for a little while. Let's not forget about the special times we just shared with our loved ones and the joy and good fun we were lucky to experience. The days of winter will be long and dark, so I hoped you were able to revel in the light and good cheer that the holidays brought and will bring for New Years Eve.  
Every Christmas my mom makes me a wreath in Montana and mails it to me. I hang it in my living room so I can smell the fresh pine.
This year Starbucks did a special holiday Frappuccino that was only available for a week or so. The Christmas Tree Frap was Peppermint Mocha with a Matcha whipped cream and looked like a tree. So cute and so delicious!  
The Pike Place Market all decked out for the holidays!
Krispy Kreme had some holiday doughnuts we just had to try! A Santa Doughnut and a Snowman one were our faves!
On one of the nights leading up to Christmas Day, we checked out the snow at Pacific Place. Every night at 7 pm they had a special performance of fake snow falling down and music. Kind of corny, but oh so fun!
The Seattle Great Wheel, a lit up for Christmas!
We spent Christmas day with family and had a wonderful pot luck dinner. A highlight for me were these Gingerbread Macarons my niece made. She used cookie butter and chocolate ganache and they tasted incredible!
We got a White Christmas in Seattle this year! On Christmas Eve we took a drive through downtown. It literally started snowing the second we stepped outside. When we returned home an hour later, the world was white. It was magical and special. This was taken while we were driving through Pioneer Square.
Eggnog is a favorite drink of mine at Christmas. Add a festive red glass and you're in business! Cheers to you!


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