A Visit to From Milk at Southcenter

A new spot to check out at Southcenter Mall is From Milk, a premium dessert store. They sell gelato and sorbet pops, plain or with toppings. They also have Snow Milk, Parfaits, and their Signature Milks. We tried some Strawberry Snow Milk, in the small size. The small ended up being huge and was presented to me with a flourish and served on a clear plastic plate. It had fresh strawberries for days, chocolate covered strawberries, snow milk, and to top all that off, a strawberry sorbet pop. The price was pretty steep-around $8. But think about what you're getting. The four of us shared and it still felt like a lot of dessert. The Snow Milk was new to us and was sort of like shaved ice. It looked like snow, though, and was very creamy. The texture was fun and there was also a nice strawberry sauce mixed in. With this dessert, I basically had strawberries four ways. So if you're not a strawberry fan, you may want to try one of the different Snow Milk flavors. The Coffee one looks incredible, and so does the Cookies and Cream. I love how Southcenter mall keeps getting more and more great places. The surprises at this mall keep coming, and I like that. From Milk was unique and cool, and I'm so happy we stopped in and got our dessert on.


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