Lunch at Li'l Woody's in White Center

I never thought there would be a day I'd be eating chocolate covered Cheetos but yet, here we are. It happened and it tasted wonderfully delicious. They were crunchy and chocolaty with a hint of cheese. They were on top of a chocolate milk shake which was just the right amount of thickness. I found this unique shake and more at the new Li'l Woody's in White Center. Besides the crazy Cheetos shake, we also tried some fries covered in Queso and my husband and I shared the Pendleton Burger. The burger had Painted Hills grass-fed beef with onion rings, Tillamook Cheddar, and BBQ sauce. The Queso on the fries was really creamy and there was more than enough sauce for the fries. My son loved them and kept on eating them until he has full. The burger was large in size and full of flavor. I especially like the crispy onion rings. My sons also spilt a kid's plain cheeseburger and they really enjoyed it. Since I follow Li'l Woody's on Instagram, I always see their new food items and am always drooling. When I finally ate there, I was so excited to try the food, and happily, they filled my expectations.


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