A Mariners Game at Safeco Field

Take me out to the ballgame! It was another first for our sons, a Mariners baseball game at Safeco. And they loved the experience. We went on August 16th and we played against the Baltimore Orioles. There's lots of action at a ballgame. The energy was so fun and everything from the sights and sounds, to watching the game, and all of the ballpark treats, of course!

Our seats were way high up, but that was kind of cool, being above it all. We didn't stay in our seats much, because we enjoyed walking around, buying food, and checking out the kid's areas for the boys. When we arrived, we all got a slice of pizza and then found our seats. It was great fun to eat pizza while watching the game below. The slices were from High Cheese Pizza, and there are six locations inside the stadium. My husband had a Miller Lite with his pizza.

After eating, we left our seats to get an Italian ice from Rita's. There are five Rita's at Safeco, so it wasn't hard to find. We shared a Cherry Italian ice topped with Mint Chocolate Chip frozen custard. Yeah, not the best combination but Mint Chocolate Chip is my sons' favorite and none of the four Italian ice flavors they had paired well with that. It wasn't bad, though, and although it gave me brain freeze, was still really tasty.

After walking around a bit more and letting the boys throw some balls in the kids area, we bought some kettle corn and took to our seats once more. We all had a blast watching the game, eating popcorn, and clapping along with the crowd when we scored. We decided to leave before the game ended, to beat the crowds, so we never found out if we won or not until later. We ended up winning by one point- it was 6-7 Mariners. Yea, for baseball!   


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