A Christmas Cookie Sugar Rush

If you eat too many cookies at Christmastime than the highs are highs and the lows are lows.  I'm talking about sugar highs and crashes.  Be careful because all of these sweets are addicting.  They are all so good and there are so many of them this time of year so proceed this season with caution and try not to eat too many! 

My parents are great and one of the many reasons why is because they send us a box of homemade goodies every Christmas.  There's Chocolate Mint cookies, Mountain cookies with chocolate and coconut, Ginger Creams, Peanut Butter Fudge, and these taste-so-good ones with white chocolate, dried cranberries, nuts, and some sort of graham cracker bottom.  All four of us start drooling upon sight when we open the box, then we eat them with our eyes, and finally we taste them.  We are making our way through the goodies, but we are also pacing ourselves. 

Then today, I wanted to do a fun cookie project with my sons.  I baked sugar cookies in the shape of bells and frosted them.  Then I let the little ones decorate.  They went crazy with the sprinkles and it got pretty messy.  But it was incredible, holiday fun.  And they loved it.  Now the trick is to stay out of the kitchen and not eat them all at once.   We are spending Christmas night with my in-laws so luckily I can take a cookie plate with some of the treats I've made this season.  Then we're not eating them all and we are sharing, which is a lovely thing at Christmastime and all the time. 


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