16 Travel Photos for 2016

 Getting out of our own backyard inspires and renews us.  Leaving town for just the day or taking a one week vacation gives us purpose and can make our lives more meaningful.  Taking in the sights, experiences new cuisines, and even staying in a hotel, can help you from getting burnt out and hopefully, will invigorate you in your everyday life upon returning home. 

This year, I got out of town a little bit.  And it was a good time everywhere I went.  I was with my family on every trip.  Because that's my life now.  The three of them go everywhere with me and we are building many family memories that we can all treasure. 

We took a day trip to Bainbridge Island and we rode the ferry there.  A passenger looks toward Downtown Seattle as the ferry gets further and further away from the city. 

Bainbridge Island was cozy and quaint with adorable architecture like this coffee shop, Pegasus Coffee.   

A four day trip to Las Vegas was a blast and even the kids had fun!  They enjoyed looking at the many hotels that line the strip, such as the one pictured here, Caesar's Palace. 

We also liked looking at the Aria Resort, with its many buildings. 

Crystal's Mall, located at the Aria, was a gorgeous space with many designer stores.  I like this photo because of the color of the sky and how the Eiffel Tower is lit up in the background.    

The High Roller Ferris Wheel was a sight to see, as it loomed over the strip. 

But the view from above was even better.  We had our own pod and we all loved the thirty minute trip above the strip. 

We made a weekend trip to Vancouver, BC in the Spring.  The Vancouver Tower sits proud in the center of downtown.

But just like the High Roller in Vegas, the view from the top was even better.  My boys enjoyed seeing all of the buildings from above.  Just one way that travel can open your eyes and let you really experience life. 

If you're in Vancouver, don't miss Stanley Park.  It reminds me of Central Park because of its size and many attractions.  The view of Vancouver isn't too bad, either.

Whistler, BC, about 90 minutes north of Vancouver, is a place of beauty and relaxation.  In the winter the skiing is unbelievable.  And in the summer, you can dine alfresco while listening to live music, or go hiking or biking.  Or if that's not your style, just relax by the pool and breathe in that good mountain air.   

We stayed for two nights in Whistler Village, where all the action is.  We had a nice view from our patio of the other hotels and the Village. 

I took this shot on the way home from Whistler, on the Sea to Sky Highway.  The view was just beyond anything I've seen.  Between the gorgeous blue lakes and mountains, to the road that winded more that any other road I've been on.  I was awestruck and glad I wasn't driving so I could soak it all in.    

 Another shot of Whistler Village.

In October we spent one week in Seaside, Oregon.  We were lucky to stay in a hotel right on the beach.  We had a balcony so we could watch the sunsets.  There's just something about the Oregon Coast that's magical and never leaves you, once you go home. 
Watching a sunset on the Oregon Coast is one of the best things about visiting.  And if you take a picture, you'll always remember it and that's one souvenir you'll always have. 


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