My Twins Are Two!

My twin boys turned two and what a fun celebration it was.  We decided to go simple this year and not have a party.  I figure there will be many chances later.  Well, we had a party but it was a party of four, just our family.  We got a cake with Biscuit the Dog, from their favorite books, on it.  We had balloons, which they went wild with and played with and I could've skipped everything else and they would have been happy.  I gave them sidewalk chalk and matching toy tablets, so they can stop grabbing my Kindle and trying to make purchases.  Then we headed to the Eastside, to Wiggleworks, a place for little ones to play and run around.  Everything's padded and it's a safe and fun place to go crazy and burn off energy.  We ate dinner at Tutta Bella though prior to playing and had a delicious dinner.  Then a couple of days later on their actual birthday, we had lunch at Lunchbox Laboratory and then played in our yard with the sidewalk chalk.  My boys are two and I can't believe it! 
To start off the celebration,  I made pancakes in the shape of puppy dogs.  Since the theme this year is a dog,  I thought they'd be perfect! I used raisins for their eyes and strawberries for the noses.  Funny, the raisin eyes sort of look like the puppies are wearing sunglasses!

I found these shirts on  I love them! I can't keep calm I'm two!

Their Biscuit the Dog cake turned out great!  It was chocolate with raspberry filling.  The boys seemed a little young to recognize what it was though.  I think the cake was more for me.  I adore Biscuit the Dog, too!

I also got them hand puppets, an Elmo and a Biscuit one.  They love them but can't figure out how to stick their hands inside them. 

Wiggleworks on the Eastside.  What a neat place for kids!

Oversized Legos for the little ones to play with. 

Sidewalk chalk and toddler shoes, oh my, we're two!


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