There's something about sunsets, especially in the summer.  On clear nights God fills the sky, his blank canvas, with colors as the sun goes down.  We feel blessed to watch the dramatic show of colors and light and wispy clouds as we end our day.  We remember our loved ones and say a prayer for tomorrow and feel just plain fortunate to see such beauty right outside our window. 

I used to work evenings, bussing tables in a restaurant.  One of the downsides was missing those sunsets and not having time to stare out the window and daydream because my manager and the customers probably wouldn't have liked that.  The last two years, I've been working but in a different sort.  Caring and loving and raising my sons.  I've watched the sunset only a few times because I'm busy putting them to bed.  But tonight, one boy was asleep early and my other one was running around the house still wide awake.  But he looked out the window and saw the beautiful gift God gave to us, the remarkable colored sky.  I lifted him up to the window and I could see the wonder in his eyes.  I could see the sunset reflected in them too.  The whole sky was lit up in blues, pinks and yellows. 

Now I can share another thing I love with my sons.  Just remember, you're never too busy to watch the sunset for a moment and count your blessings.  Live is so short and fleeting and the small moments sometimes are the most memorable. 


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