Three Forks Grille

While on our vacation in Montana my husband and I were able to leave the kids with Grandma and Grandpa and have a date night.  Hooray for us! The first restaurant we drove to and were looking forward to eating at, had moved to another town.  We were hungry and didn't feel like finding the place so we drove around Columbia Falls for a minute and just stumbled on Three Forks Grille on Nucleus Ave.  They've been there five years and I can't believe we've never noticed it.  It was the perfect place for our dinner out and we were very happy with the food, ambiance and the service. 

We each started with a drink.  He had a glass of Cabernet and I had a sparkling white from Spain.  Then it was time for food.  The bread and olive oil to start was a nice touch.  After listening to the special of the night, we ordered that.  It was a Duck Confit salad on bib lettuce and a chicken curry with rice.  My husband loved the salad and wouldn't stop oohing and ahhing over it.  It was really good and the duck was very tender.  We also shared the Watermelon Gazpacho which I couldn't stop complimenting either.  Finally I had the Antipasto which was Manchego cheese, Chorizo, Piquillo, Prosciutto San Danielle, Melon, House Made Ricotta and Caponata.  It was quite a collection of flavors and supposed to be shareable but my husband was working on the chicken.  We were soon full and didn't have room for dessert.  It was a nice and enjoyable dinner out, alone with my main man. 


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