This week I got to try Lish, a new food delivery company from Seattle's top chefs.  They deliver right to your door and hand you a nice bag filled with goodies.  It felt like my birthday as I looked through my bag of dinner offerings and other treats.  I was giving a code for $20 off to try it out.  So I ordered the Green Curry Chicken Fried Rice from Chef Max Borthwick, the Kashmiri Chicken Kofta Curry from Chef Nasreen Sheikh, a Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie, which they added an extra because they seem cool like that, and a slice of Carrot Cake from Chef Jason Wilson.  Finally, a couple pieces of dark chocolate awaited me.  Wow, high quality food right to my doorstep.  You gotta like that. 

The food arrives chilled, in containers, so you have to heat it up yourself.  That way you can eat when you'd like and your meal will be hot.  We enjoyed the food, it was a little spicy but the menu descriptions on their website warned us it would be.  Every day, Lish offers different entrees and desserts to choose from.  Just add to the cart the ones you want, select the delivery time and enter you credit card number.  That way when the food comes, the delivery fee has already been added and your food payed for.  It makes for a cashless system and they'll hand you your bag and wish you a good day.  


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